Coup de foudre pour AJ Silva !

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Voilà un artiste de talent comme je les aime...

Jeune, mignon, talentueux : Aj Silva !

Mais plutôt qu'un long discours, écoutons-le sans tarder, émotion assurée en cliquant sur la photo !

Et pour en savoir plus, voici sa biographie

Anthony J. Silva better known by his stage name Aj Silva,was borned in 1999 in Methuen, Massachusetts. He later moved to the Sunshine State of Florida, USA. Aj grew up in a music environment. Even as a small boy, he could often be found assisting his dad in their home recording studio. His parents always knew their son had talent. As early as the age of four, Aj could easily find and sing the harmonies to songs he liked on the radio, as well as make his own beats. With the encouragement of his parents, family and friends, Aj posted his first YouTube video at the age of 11. Musical artists that have influenced and inspired him include: Michael Jackson, Usher and Bruno Mars. Aj demonstrates a passion and love for the music he sings which carries through in every video he creates. Aj recorded and released his first Christmas EP on Dec 2011. The EP included a compilation of some of the great Holiday Christmas songs done in a true acoustic mix of pop, blues and jazzy sounds. Anthony is currently working on producing his own original content and looks forward to sharing it with his fans.

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Calme lunaire

Habituellement, nous ne voyons qu'une seule face de la Lune depuis la Terre car la rotation de la Lune est synchronisée avec celle de la terre.

En réunissant de précieux clichés, la NASA a réalisé un timelapse de la rotation lunaire. Cette vidéo surprenante permet une cartographie d'ensemble et donne une impression de rotation de la Lune.

A découvrir...

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